What does ENAMA do in the sphere of research into new farm mechanisation solutions to ensure greater safety for farm workers, protect the environment and progressively raise the quality of products?

ENAMA, with the contribution of the Ministry for Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies, is implementing programmes for the testing of innovative agricultural machinery, based on the current state of Italy’s agricultural sector, which clearly expresses the need for the continuous evolution of machinery to meet changing productive needs and improve aspects relating to the safety of machine operators and protection of the environment.

How does ENAMA announce the availability of funding for a new programme of testing innovative agricultural machinery?

ENAMA regularly publishes on the homepage of its website a technical selection notice for grants for the construction of innovative new machinery and/or machine parts that have never been marketed and respond to specific areas of intervention, listed in the same notice and defined taking into account the main needs of operators in raising competitiveness and safety in agricultural holdings and agricultural machinery firms.

What, in short, is the content of ENAMA programmes for testing innovative agricultural machinery?

Programmes entail the possible granting to firms, companies or individuals, selected from those submitting within the established deadlines proposals for the construction of machinery and/or machine parts responding to the needs listed in the reference notice, of a contribution towards costs incurred for the creation of innovations.

How much funding is available for every approved innovation proposal?

The amount of the grant depends on the number and type of proposals, assessed and selected by an ad hoc Panel, consisting of representatives of the national agricultural machinery sector, whose decision shall be final and whose work will lead to the drafting of a list of innovative mechanical solutions responding to the notice and deemed to be most worthy of support.

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