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A.MA.DI Project

A.MA.DI. Project: dedicated to disabled person in agriculture.

In order to promote the social integration of people with disabilities through work in agriculture, MIPAF has financied the A.MA.DI. project (Automation of Agricultural Machinery for Disabled Persons) aimed at facilitating the adaptation of agricultural machinery to these specific requirements.
The National Decree of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport of January 17, 2005 has given effect to art. 124 of the Road Code according to which it is possible for disabled persons holding a special license to drive appropriately equipped agricultural machines.

The aim of A.MA.DI. is to facilitate the study of the necessary technical solutions and to realize agricultural tractors that correspond to these requirements, easily usable from disabled persons that possess the necessary special license.

This ambitious project was entrusted by MIPAF to a pool of organizations that - by virtue of their specific competence in the field of agricultural equipment and tractors- may be regarded as the most competent: from the CRA-ISMA (Council for Research and Experimentation in Agriculture - Experimental Institute for Agricultural Mechanization), to UNACOMA (National Union of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers), and ENAMA (National Organization for Agricultural Mechanization). These organizations will fully cooperate with FISH (Italian Federation for the Overcoming of Handicap) which will provide the necessary expertise based on the specific experience gained in many years of activity in support of disabled people.

The first phase, started in January 2005, focused on the specific needs arising from the accessibility study of the tractor's cockpit and the necessary adaptations to facilitate the use for disabled persons, assessing the possibility of set it up directly from factory production but also the possibility of setting up an adaptation kit for those who already own the tractor. Besides the working group started and developed a study to identify some technical solutions compatible with the requirements of the special license.

At the 2006 EIMA trade fair in Bologna, three prototype tractors were introduced for the first time to facilitate accessibility to the cockpit by disabled persons. The construction was achieved thanks to the efforts of three of the most important Italian tractor manufacturers and two companies specialized in modifications.

Furthermore the A.MA.DI. project team developed an exploratory questionnaire on the needs and expectations of disabled persons working in agriculture, with the support of the initiative by “Edizioni dell’Informatore Agrario”. The aim of the questionnaire was to gather informations on the possibilities that these "new" agricultural machines, tailored to their specific needs, can offer to people with disabilities.

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