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May 23, 2016

Agriculture: Castiglione "Congratulations to Enama Technical Reference Unit Antam"

"Congratulations to ENAMA - National Agency for Agricultural Mechanization, for the unanimity official appointment as technical reference unit of ANTAM, the Asian and Pacific Network for Testing of Agricultural Machinery. As the only European body to operate in the Asian agricultural machinery market, ENAMA plays a crucial role by providing technical support, by participating as an independent member in drafting the rules for future policies of member States incentive systems and by promoting the sustainability of agricultural mechanization in the whole eastern region."

This is the introductory speech by Giuseppe Castiglione, Undersecretary of the Agriculture, Food and Forestry Ministry, ragarding the appointment of ENAMA as a technical reference unit of the ANTAM - Asian and Pacific Network for Testing of Agriculture Machinery. ANTAM aims to promote greater harmonization of standards, testing procedures and certification systems for agricultural mechanization for a better quality of agriculture. It is made up of 18 Asian States and various Research Institutes, Associations of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers and Agricultural Professional Organizations, and works closely with FAO, UNIDO, OECD and ENAMA/ENTAM to promote sustainable agricultural mechanization.

"The importance of this network - Castiglione continues - is evident, as it involves countries that make up more than half of the world's population and the areas with major economic development. In addition, these countries have as their priority the development of agriculture, which can not be obtained without proper mechanization lines".

Currently, the first two ANTAM Codes have been adopted by all Member States to protect the welfare of farmers, increase food safety, preserve the environment and promote the development of an efficient, innovative and technologically sustainable agricultural machinery industry

"In this context - says the Undersecretary - the role of ENAMA is strategic for the development of the agricultural sector and the related Italian industry, which can benefit from the international evolution that the Agency directly follows."

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