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Agro-forestry biomass

Since ancient times, the agro-forestry biomasses have represented an important source for heat production. Still now, the biofuels from agro-forestry represent an important entry in national and international energy balance.

The agro-forestry biomasses are defined as the products or by-products resulting from forestry activities and/or dedicated crops that are just mechanically processed during the production process.

The agro-forestry biomasses are mainly and widely used for the production of thermal energy. In recent years, those are also used for the production of electricity and cooling, by virtue of modern and reliable technological solutions.

Enama Servizi is  a Certification Body (accredited by Accredia with cert. 088B) for the concession of the product certifications related to solid biofuels from agro-forestry processes (pellets, woodchips, firewood, briquette), in accordance with ISO 17225:1 and UNI EN 15234:1 standards and its special parts.

The Certification of solid biofuels ensures quality, traceability and sustainability during the whole production and distribution chain till the end users.

The Certification may be requested by any Organization or Person as Client (manufacturer or distributor of solid biofuels from agro-forestry processes) without any kind of limitations or obstruction.
As a Certification Body, ENAMA Servizi performs its Certification activity without any conflict of interest and with full impartiality.

The Safeguarding Committee has the task of verifying anything necessary to ensure compliance with the ENAMA Servizi policies and to ensure that ENAMA Servizi carries out its activities in compliance with the principles of impartiality, competence, responsibility, transparency, confidentiality in addition to immediate and effective response to complaints.

The Committee consists of representatives of the entire industry, and it evaluates the policies and the principles governing the impartiality of certification and aspects that could compromise impartiality and confidence towards certification.

For any further information please contact us to the following e-mail address: biofuel@enama.it    

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