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Agroenergy Project

Second program in the Agro-Energy sector

Duration: 48 months from May  3rd, 2012 (extended until December 31st, 2017)

Regulatory reference: D.M. n. 9801 of April 27th, 2012

Planned Activities: The "Second Agro-Energy Program" is to be considered as the follow-up to what ENAMA has developed in the biomass sector, as expected by the management of the Call for Financing Innovative Plants in the Territory and the preparation of a study to provide a "photography" of the “state of the art “in the agro-energy sector in our country.

The actions planned by the project are divided as below:

Action 1 - Development of Agro-Energy Project Unit
The action involves the updating and integration of the first study on renewable energy sources from biomass, its integration into new themes and the creation of a new study for other renewable energy sources usable in the agricultural sector.

Action 2 - Feasibility study for the implementation of a certification system
The realization of the feasibility study involves:

  • the review of the actual regulations for the certification of product, process or plant;
  • the study and implementation of test procedures and standards that establish the test methodologies for the system to be implemented;
  • the definition of Certification procedures;
  • the definition of test methodology for functional aspects for different plant types;
  • the application of the certification system to at least 1 type of product in order to validate the procedure itself;
  • the  start up of a plant certification process.

Action 3 - Information and dissemination activities
The dissemination phase is aimed at informing the operators regarding activities and results. This, to provide appropriate tools to make informed choices in the field of renewable energies. The action involves the organization of meetings, conferences, seminars, updating of the dedicated Internet Portal and the production and printing of educational materials.

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