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Enagri Project | WP 2

Task 2.1 - Program to encourage investment and development of Agroenergy supply chains

Task goals

  • Creation of e-learning multimedia modules and multimedia educational paths to guide and stimulate investments by companies in the agricultural sector and to enhance production scraps from agro-forestry (local biomass), with benefits and positive effects for the related industrial sectors.

  • Dissemination and information campaign about strategic aims, results of the Bioenergy Sector Plan approved by the Mipaaf and current incentive policies.

Description of the activities to be implemented

Multimedia modules will be divided into sections and steps, will be sorted by reference themes and will be realized through graphic animations, designed to help with visual examples the understanding of the contents exposed by the involved experts; whenever necessary, all modules can be updated with technical or regulatory innovations.

Multimedia modules will consist of:

  • Informative Videos

  • Texts, contents and presentations

  • Interviews

Carried out activities

  • Training Course Enama 01_Introductory elements for the production of biogas and biomethane in agriculture

  • Training Course Enama 02_Energy efficiency: an informed choice of the agricultural tractor

  • Training Course Enama 03_Solid biofuels

Task 2.2 - Technical assistance to the Institutions for the development of sector policies

Task goals

  • Implementation of the synergy agreed upon Public Institutions and supply chain stakeholders, in order to develop and guide industry policies and incentive policies towards a virtuous evolution of the agroenergy sector.

  • Implementation of a "traceability portal" in order to ensure simplification and streamlining of internal administrative procedures (for the Administration offices) related to controls and verification of plant traceability, through a single and coordinated management of the documentation sent by the operators requesting the access to current incentives.

  • Provide technical / decision support, and market development services through qualified advisors, by simplifying the exchange of information, supporting investments and providing decision-makers with recommendations for sustainable policy actions.

Description of the activities to be implemented

Sub Task 2.2.A - Technical assistance specialized in supply chains negotiation, in order to contribute to the realization of the main project activities and the consequent spread of the results.

Sub Task 2.2.B - Portal. Prepare and realize, together with Mipaaf, a dedicated portal for monitoring and disseminating development activities in the industry, integrated with tools to control the traceability of biomasses from the supply chain as well as tools to check the traceability of the raw material used in the plants powered by biomass, as required by current legislation.

Sub task 2.2.C – Coordination. Proper development of the project from an organizational, implementation, informative and dissemination point of view. Coordination activities include:
  • monitoring the proper execution of the project, both in scientific, financial and administrative terms;
  • ensure that Project resources and allocated budget are used as set by the Project and accepted by the financing Body;
  • regularly inform the designated Offices about any progress of the Project;
  • ensure that all members participating in the Project provide an active support in order to facilitate and speed up the decision-making process and the implementation of the planned activities.

Carried out activities

Conference (EIMA 2018): "The enhancement of biomethane in agriculture: developments and prospects" of November 7th, 2018.

Conference (Agrilevante 2019): "Development opportunities for agro-energy supply chains in the Mediterranean regions" of October 10th, 2019

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