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Enagri Project | WP 4

Task 4.1 - Initiatives for the development of technological innovations to support agroenergy supply-chains

Task goals

  • Analysis and evaluation of the "state of the art" in the sector to find out its needs and critical issues, in order to provide the most innovative components and solutions to support national supply-chains.

  • Preparation of the research and development program of innovative technologies to support the agroenergy supply-chains, aimed at find out sector and contents priorites for the subsequent preparation of the Calls for tender (see Task 4.2).

Description of the activities to be implemented

  • Preparation and management of the Call for tender provided for by Task 4.2.

  • Preparation and drafting of a preliminary scientific report aimed at identifying technological and innovative priorities in the agroenergy sector, to use as a guideline for the realization of Calls for tender.

  • The indentified macro-areas are as follows:
    1. Plant components aimed at improving energy efficiency.
    2. Projects for the treatment and transformation of agricultural by-products into energy, including harvesting and processing, with particular reference to the needs of the southern areas.
    3. Production processes of gaseous biofuels.

  • Preparation of Calls for tender.

  • Issuance of annual Calls for tender.

Task 4.2 - Innovation development

Task goals

  • Publishing and managing Calls for the financing of innovative plants, machines and components.

  • Realization of innovative plants and / or components to be appropriately disseminated through operators in order to get a feedback and to draw supply-chain attention on the advantages of the developed innovations.

  • The innovative machines must observe guidelines and goals as by the preliminary report drawn up by ENAMA ( Task 4.1 ), propose new technologies never placed on the market and represent teritorial specifities, with special concern to those where renewable sources of agricultural origin are less developed, involving different areas of expertise from scientific sector.

Description of the activities to be implemented

  • Financing to companies for the production of innovative machines / components.

  • Realization of about 12/15 innovative prototypes of components, by small and medium-sized companies in the sector, in order to place the achieved innovation on the market.

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