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ENAMA Certification

The ENAMA certification is a voluntary service which aims to ensure performance tests and safety audits of agricultural machines and components, not replacing the CE marking – the procedure whereby the manufacturer certifies compliance with the regulations on safety and health of workers - but alongside it and giving it greater authority since the certification is issued by an independent specialized organization.

ENAMA offers a certification service for agricultural machines structured in two different options:
  • ENAMA Certification, including both the functional and safety aspects;
  • VS ENAMA Certification, including the only safety aspect.
ENAMA Certifications are at the top of the product's voluntary quality certification, thus offering a significant added value to agricultural machinery.

Checks on machines ensure the manufacturer, the dealer and the end user regarding the compliance of specific technical standards on safety as well as the greater recognition in terms of functional and constructive characteristics.

The testing of the functional aspects, based on the current standards/regulations (ISO, EN, etc.), are performed by specialized test centers coordinated by ENAMA Servizi, and the results are analytically reported and published on certificates containing all the information on agricultural machines tested, constituting a real ID card for the machines.

Each machine certificate shows the verified details as below:
  • Information and photo of machine model;
  • Details of Customer and Test Center;
  • Performance evaluation;
  • Technical details of the machine;
  • Description of the machine;
  • Most important results of tests;
  • Safety tests;
  • Certification marks;
  • Information on accreditation.

The safety tests are performed by qualified inspectors and carried out according to specific and accurate protocols and checklists, in order to ensure compliance of the audited machines with the latest and highest safety standards.

In this context, the accreditation of VS ENAMA Certification scheme (certificate n. 088B) obtained from ENAMA Servizi by Accredia – the only national Accreditation Body appointed by the Italian Government that is internationally recognized -  constitutes an added value and a further recognition for the product.

ENAMA Certification validity is intended for 5 years or until change of relevant specifications.

As a result of certification issue, the below authorized marks will be available to be exhibited on the machine.

The ENAMA certificate of machines and components may also obtain recognition by ENTAM- European Network for Testing of Agricultural Machines – that gather the test centers from European countries in order to perform and recognize performance, safety and environmental sustainability of agricultural machinery and components.

Tests are conducted by specialized test centers according to national, european and international agreements, or mutual agreements, in order to provide improvement instruments for manufacturer's machines.

The test results can be printed, together with recognitions, on test reports that are published by ENTAM associated structures for a real overcoming of existing barriers.

Therefore, apply for and obtain the ENTAM mark on test reports means operating in an international market, be sure that all applicable standards have been met and offer to farmers a professional way for a best choice of farm machinery.
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