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European Network for Testing of Agricultural Machines for the harmonization of test procedures and the mutual recognition of test results.

ENAMA strongly encourage international cooperation as the comparison between structures operating in the same sector - but different context - is a continuous enrichment of experiences as well as a continuous confrontation on different problems.

The international activity is necessary to activate an incessant confrontation with other European Countries through cooperation and technical meetings in order to balance testing procedures and interact with higher professionalism.

This cooperation is mainly realized through the European Network for Testing of Agricultural Machines (ENTAM) that coordinates performing and recognition of performance / safety tests together with environmental protection of agricultural machinery and equipments, according to International and European (ISO, EN, OECD) Standards.

Furthermore ENAMA develops and partecipates in several projects financed by the European Union. European projects largely arise from this international collaboration, establishing even stronger relationships between ENTAM members and integrating structures outside the test station network (Universities, Research Centers, Social Studies Centers).

ENAMA is a founding member and coordinator to date of ENTAM, that was established in 1999. ENTAM  is currently composed of 11 EU members, 1 honorary member (FAO) and 4 observer members from non-European countries.

ENTAM first aim is the harmonization of test procedures and the mutual recognition of test results on agricultural machines and equipments. This activity is essential to provide a valid standard for the Legislature of the participating countries in order to distinguish the added-value mechanization lines and to give them greater access to incentive systems.
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