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What is the ENAMA Certification?
It is a voluntary certification service: it is to be considered as an "added value" for brand new certified products.

Can ENAMA Certification replace the CE-Certification?
No. The CE-Certification is required to market products in Europe and is based on a Self-Certification by the Manufacturer. ENAMA certification does not replace the CE marking (procedure by which the manufacturer certifies compliance with the essential requirements identified by the "Machinery Directive"), but enhances it, giving it more value as the certification is issued by a specialized and independent third party.

Who can apply for ENAMA certification?
The manufacturer, importer or dealer of mechanical vehicles for agriculture and forests and their components.
Specifically, the Client directly entrusts the ENAMA, by signing the contract, to perform the certification activity, specifying the object and purpose of the service.

Is it possible to apply for Safety Certification only?
Yes. Since 2005 it was introduced a new certification procedure (VS ENAMA Certification) that allows to certify the only Safety aspects.

What is the duration of the VS ENAMA Certification?
The validity of VS ENAMA Certification is intended for 5 years or until change of relevant specifications. It is planned a periodic surveillance to assess the conformance of the certified model to the specimen.

How can I apply for certification?
Using the appropriate application forms available in the "Modules and Regulations" section and sending the documents required.

How can I get more details about the certification stages?
Consulting the regulations in the "Modules and Regulations" section.

How can I verify if a machine is ENAMA or VS ENAMA certified?
Consulting the "List of Certified Machines and Components" area on our website.

Is the VS ENAMA Certification recognized by an Accreditation Body?
Yes, ACCREDIA (ex Sincert) has issued to Enama on March 4th, 2008 the Accreditation Certificate no.088B, according to the UNI CEI EN 45011: 1999 standard and related to the VS ENAMA Certification scheme.

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