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Functional test for sprayers

Functional inpection for sprayers
The Directive 2009/128/CE of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21st of October 2009 (transposed in Italy by Legislative Decree No.150 of 14th of August 2012) establishes a framework for Community action for the sustainable use of pesticides (plant protection products).

The National Action Plan for the sustainable use of pesticides (PAN) has been adopted in accordance with Article 6 of the Legislative Decree of 14th of August 2012, no. 150, approved by Decree of the Ministry of Food and Forestry Policies, in agreement with the Ministry of the Environment and the Protection of the Territory and the Sea on 22nd of January 2014.

Paragraph A.3.10 of the National Action Plan states that the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, with a specific decree, defines the role of the ENAMA (National Agency for Agricultural Mechanization) -supporting Body for Mipaaf – as below described:
  • to support the competent authorities in drafting and updating the procedures for the implementation of machine tests and the issuance of qualifications to the supervisory technicians;
  • to collect data provided by the Regions and Autonomous Provinces, related to the Test Centers, for qualified technicians;
  • to guarantee a technical assistance service to the Regions and Autonomous Provinces in completing the various phases of the service, including the training of supervisory technicians and trainers;
  • to support the Regions and Autonomous Provinces in collaboration with Mipaaf to develop a specific system for the collection and management of data and functional test results, activating at the same time a national register of equipment used for distribution of pesticide in agriculture.

By November 26th, 2016 any professional equipment used for the application of plant protection products must performs, at least once, a functional inspection at test centers approved by Regions and Autonomous Provinces.

After that date, only the equipment that has passed the inspection can be used for professional use. For a complete overview of the deadlines, according to the types of equipment, please refer to: PAN, Chapter A.3; Mipaaf Decree Prot. No. 4847 of March 3rd, 2015.

Since 2005, thanks to the Programs financed by Mipaaf, a working group coordinated by ENAMA - with referents identified by the Regions and Autonomous Provinces and the technical support from the Disafa, University of Turin - has been created to set up guidelines for a shared and repeatable activity throughout the territory, aimed at functional control and adjustment of sprayers in use in Italy. As part of the group Regions and Autonomous Provinces have been working to best fulfill their functional inspection obligations within the terms of the Directive.

The work of the group has made it possible to identify and estabilish all the needs of the service, in accordance with the provisions of the Directive and the current technical standards.

The task of the working group has been and actually is to:
  • develop a common test method for the functional inspection of sprayers referring to standardized regulations;
  • define the minimum constructive and functional requirements of the inpection instrumentation;
  • define service activation procedures on a shared basis but with operational procedures at the discretion of the Regions, in full respect of competences;
  • establish common criteria for obtaining the mutual recognition of the activity carried out by the various test centers operating on national territory;
  • establish a common procedure for recording and archiving the results of the tests;
  • promote the adjustment (calibration) of sprayers.

Functional test for sprayers

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