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Gas Forum 2010


"Grow in Security" is the title of the second edition of the Global Agriculture Safety Forum

The second edition of the Global Agriculture Safety Forum, the two-year conference promoted by ENAMA as a meeting place among farmers to discuss on safety, prevention and risk assessment at work, will be held on September 24th in Rome, at Casa del Cinema in Villa Borghese

The theme: to grow in safety.
More and more, in Europe and in the world, there is growing awareness that macroeconomic indicators, as a means of measuring and evaluating progress, are not complete. It is therefore necessary, in international politics, to consider other countries' growth indicators, which include factors related to quality of life and work such as well-being, environmental sustainability of policies, education, respect for rights, etc. The health and safety of workers therefore have a significant value in terms of economy and social welfare.

This year, GASForum wants to focus on the situation and, together with industry experts, on the growth of agricultural safety which is accompanied by greater productivity, thanks to the improvements in mechanization.

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Video Gas Forum 2010.

Sandro Liberatori.
ENAMA Director
Stefano Vaccari.
Mipaaf. Director
Roberto Giovannini.
La Stampa.
Michael M. Ryan.
Director of Codes and Schemes section, OECD.
Namal Samarakoon.
Responsabile Agro-Industry Technology Unit, UNIDO.
Peter Lundovist.
Prof. of Agricultural Biosystems and Technology, Swedish University.
Carlo Zamponi.
President UNACMA.
Ivano Saletti.
Dennis J. Murphy.
Prof. of Agricultural Eng. Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences ASSOCAP.
Dennis J. Murphy.
Prof. of Agricultural Eng. Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences ASSOCAP.
Aproniano Tassinari.
President UNIMA.
Donato Rotundo.
Director of environment and quality, Confagricoltura.
Domenico Bugnoni.
Vice President CIA.
Albano Agabiti.
Regional President of Coldiretti.
Murray Madsen.
MBA Associate Director Great Plains Center for Agricultural Health (GPCAH).
Emilia Nardi.
CEO Nardi Group.
Vincenzo Laurendi.
National Coordination of Regions.
Alida Bellandi.
Director of International Marketing for ABIMAQ.
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