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Information on the promotion of the safety and health of workers in the agricultural sector: safe use of agricultural machinery and equipment


Although the number of injuries has been decreasing in recent years, the agriculture sector still has high frequencies and high incidence rates as the most dangerous sectors; in addition to the Inail accident data, there are additional cases, often mortal, to hobbyists, part-time workers and self-employed persons, which are exempt from the insurance obligation in case of non-prevailing agricultural activity . The Tuscany Region - Directorate General for Health - with the targeted plan "Promoting the culture of prevention and the safe use of agricultural machinery and equipment", promoted under the 2008-2010 Regional Health Plan, addresses this phenomenon by promoting a broad training/information/dissemination activity dedicated to the weakest subjects.The project was carried out in collaboration with the Department of Prevention of the USL 3 of Pistoia and the Department of Agricultural and Forestry Engineering (DIAF) at the University of Florence and has the involvement of public and private entities such as: Departments Prevention of USL in Tuscany, Agricultural Professionals Associations, ARSIA, ENAMA, ISPESL, UNACMA. The main objectives of the project are to raise awareness of the importance of prevention, by maintaining the correct functionality of agricultural machinery and equipment, and to provide guidance on proper maintenance to realize at the beginning of the agricultural season. The project has led to the implementation of numerous information and training activities, the production of paper/eletronic information material, and the experimentation of an awareness activity on the safety of agricultural tractors made by the compilation of a checklist by the farmer, assisted by trained technicians.
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