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Technological and innovative solutions in agriculture.

Enama follows the issue and the assignment of several Competition Announcements related to the agriculture world.
ENAMA has annually implemented the program for the development of innovative mechanization, approved and financied by the Ministry of Food and Forestry Policies.
ENAMA's governance consists of the entire supply chain of the sector as the Ministry of Food and Forestry Policies, the Regions, the Council for Research and Experimentation in Agriculture, the professional associations of farmers, the manufacturers of agricultural machinery and agro-mechanics and trade companies. As such, it allows to have a complete view of the needs of mechanization and the existing priorities at a given time, by addressing these needs in the world of industry in order to receive innovative and specific solutions.

The program is meant to actively support the development of innovative solutions that can solve specific problems in biomass production and management, as well as optimize energy production through new mechanization, plant and component lines to provide greater competitiveness in an increasingly international market.
Another objective of the program is to improve the safety aspects of industry operators and environment to adapt the design, use and management of machines, farm equipment and systems to more and more stringent regulations.
ENAMA is about to initiate technical selection procedures for a new experimentation program related to innovative mechanical vehicles for the development of new agro-energy mechanization solutions.

Specifically, innovative machines will have to use new technologies that doesn’t exist on the market, which can give priority to the following:
  1. Projects for the treatment and management of agricultural by-products for the production of energy including harvesting and processing, with particular reference to the needs of the southern areas;
  2. Productive processes of solid fuels and gaseous biofuels;
  3. Components of plants designed to improve energy efficiency.
The program provides for the possible granting of a contribution to the costs incurred to candidates selected among those who will submit projects containing proposals for the development of vehicles and / or components meeting the above requirements.
Candidates should have the following characteristics:
  • Partnerships and Capital Companies that have at least 2 people employed indefinitely or on a fixed-term basis or assimilated to employees.
  • Company name compatible with the purpose of the Announcement.
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