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Leonardo Safer Project

5th of march 2009, Samsun (Turchia): ENAMA starts the European project "SAFER – Safer Agriculture for Employees in Rural”.

In Turkey, the number of accidents at work in the agricultural sector is second only to the construction sector. This incidence is motivated by a low level of education and training of workers. While in other sectors the process of harmonization of the Turkish regulatory with European legislation already offers significant results, the progress in the agricultural sector has slowed down especially in small family businesses due to limiting socio-economic factors (marked seasonality of work, illiteracy). The most pressing problem concerns the safe use of agricultural machinery and technical equipments, particularry pesticides.

The Leonardo SAFER project - Safer Agriculture for Employees in Rural - is a first step to provide the tools to train manufacturers and users of agricultural machinery on safety. The project, financied by the European Commission through the "Life Long Learning Programme Leonardo da Vinci", is aimed at the transfer of innovative training materials made to similar projects in which ENAMA participated as a partner ("Safety First” and "For.Ma.Agri"), adapting them to the needs of agricultural and socio-economic Turkish reality. The SAFER project is the first project that has been financied at the faculty of Agriculture at Ondokuz Mayis University in Samsun, Turkey, as well as the first project of transferring innovation to an extra European reality by ENAMA.

The project partnership consists, in addition to ENAMA, by Turkish and Spanish Institutions and Bodies:
  1. Turkish University of Samsun - Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Agricultural Mechanics (Ondokuz Mayis University- Ziraat Fakültesi, Tarım Makinaları Bölümü);
  2. Turkish University of Ankara - Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Agricultural Mechanics (Ankara Üniversitesi - Ziraat Fakültesi, Tarım Makinaları Bölümü);
  3. The Turkish Ministry of Agriculture with the two offices PERMEM (training) and TÜGEM (good agricultural practices);
  4. The Turkish association of manufacturers and dealers of agricultural machinery and equipment (TARMAKBIR : Türk Tarım Alet ve Makineleri IIalatçıları Birliği);
  5. The Union of Turkish Chamber of Agriculture (TZOB), the Spanish agri-food trade union (Federacion Agroalimentaria de Comisiones Obreras);
  6. The Spanish consultancy company active in the implementation of European projects, Asesoria Declerq SL Estudios Europeos;
The duration of the project is two years (2009-2010), the first results and further information will be available on the project website.
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