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North Africa Development Projects

Promotion and support to the processes of sustainable development of local agriculture and food security.

ENAMA cooperates with DELTA CENTER which is a Tunisian-Italian relations center. DELTA CENTER has been performing activities for many years and offers services for development of commercial and technical knowledge between the two countries.

Delta Center has a long time experience in North African territory through relationships with local governments and with a structure designed to develop initiatives from the planning stage to the implementation in Tunisia and other North African countries.

This activity is also carried out through agreements with local credit institutions and other organizations, facilitating the developing process of the area.

Delta Center is also a training center for agricultural distributors from many countries in North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa, who have been attending organized courses for many years to introduce new technologies to agriculture.

Enama and Delta Center signed a specific agreement to promote the development of agriculture in the African and Middle East countries. The aim of the agreement is to develop safety and agricultural quality in the region through specific partnerships and events.

ENAMA and Delta Center intend to support and develop the internationalization of their initiatives, focusing on Certification and Homogation services for businesses in the North African area through the establishment of a Tunis-based Technical Service Desk.

More attention will be given to the multiple opportunities and synergies for the Italian and African agricultural and agro-industrial sectors, which constitute an absolute reference for all those operating in this market segment. This will enable stakeholders in developing own network of contacts and relationships and expand their customer portfolio, also through the creation of partnerships or joint ventures.
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