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Research and technical assistance

ENAMA actively supports the development of renewable energy sources in agriculture through projects and actions for the innovation of mechanical and plant resources, in order to contribute to a more competitive and multifunctional agriculture, and to support central and local administrations in the development, dissemination and transfer of innovations.

ENAMA has a privileged perspective in the agricultural and agro-mechanical sector that allows us to develop projects and actions aimed at the innovation of the mechanical equipment and plants in order to:
  • contribute to a more competitive and multifunctional agriculture;
  • support the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and other central and local administrations in the development and diffusion of sustainable and renewable energy production in agriculture.

The main activities currently developed by ENAMA include:
  • to test and to evaluate the plant systems - in the agricultural sector - for the production of thermal energy and / or electricity from biomass or other vegetable productions, and to develop a certification system for performance and atmospheric emissions from plants. In this context we have been realized testing rooms and workshops;
  • to develop the "Project of renewable energy sources from biomass". The aim of this project was to provide a broad range of technical, scientific, regulatory and even financial tools, in order to address the agricultural sector stakeholders to the activation of the most virtuous agro-energy industries;
  • The drafting of a study on agro-energy sector, which is available on the dedicated portal (www.progettobiomasse.it) and on the ENAMA's website (biomass study);
  • to encourage energy transformation directly on farm through a tender notice for the distribution of grants to promote the implementation of innovative systems for the production of energy from biomass. Thanks to this activity Enama has contributed to develop 42 pilot and demonstration plants. Moreover Enama performs functional monitoring of the realized plants in order to spread good practices (Monitoring Fact Sheets);
  • to provide assistance in the Agroenergy development policies through specific projects and the development of certification systems to support agroenergy supply chains, in addition to an intensive information / divulgation activity to reach local operators.
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