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Savigliano - Machines, equipment, agricultural plants: the new Directive 2006/42/EC


As is well known, the EC marking is based on a manufacturer's synthetic statement that assumes compliance with European safety standards that allow it to market its vehicles in Europe. In addition to this statement, the market can rely on voluntary marks, issued by third parties and independent companies that give greater guarantees to the chain and an added value to CE marked machines.

Voluntary certifications can be used by manufacturers to show the market involvement of independent bodies for an assessment that goes beyond what is envisaged by law on EC Marking. These voluntary certifications serve to create confidence in users regarding the fulfillment of safety requirements.

The ENAMA certification is a voluntary service which aims to ensure performance tests and safety audits of agricultural machines and components, not replacing the CE marking but alongside it and giving it greater authority since the certification is issued by an independent specialized organization.
In this context, the accreditation of VS ENAMA Certification scheme  obtained from ENAMA by Accredia – the only national Accreditation Body appointed by the Italian Government that is internationally recognized -  constitutes an added value and a further recognition for the product.
ENAMA – recognized in accordance with the Presidential Decree 361/2000 – is an organisation whose composition is a guarantee of impartiality and consultation for the entire agricultural engineering world.
Its Members are: Assocap, Cia, Coldiretti, Confagricoltura, Confartigianato, Unacma, FederUnacoma, Unima while the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policies, the Conference of Regions and Autonomous Provinces and the Crea-Ing are Members by right.
Machines, equipment, agricultural plants: the new Directive 2006/42/EC
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