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CIB - Italian Biogas Consortium
CIB - Italian Biogas Consortium
September 21, 2016

The First integrated quality, environment and safety certification for Biogas plants in agriculture

Correggio (RE), 21st of September
The CIB, Italian Biogas Consortium, initiates the first Certification for a Biogas plant in agriculture, in compliance with the technical policies of  biogasdonreright® brand.

Correggio's CAT Cooperative, CIB's partner, is the first company to get Biogas Certification. The emilian cooperative has received the mark this evening during a public ceremony attended by Giuseppe Castiglione, Undersecretary of the Mipaaf. During the event, the details of the new procedural guideline were described. This step represents the fulfillment of a social and economic responsibility path that the CIB has adopted since its foundation.
"The importance of certifying the production and use of biogas has deep roots," says Christian Curlisi, director of the Italian Biogas Consortium. «The procedural guidelines and the biogasdoneright® constitute the technical manifesto of CIB and the proof to all involved parties of how the consortium means its and its members role. Certification is also an instrument of transparency and dialogue for those who represent collective interests, such as the legislature, the media, the local communities and the public control bodies."
With this step, the CIB intends to make a contribution to a common approval on alternative energies, with particular reference to biogas, through clearly defined and transparent procedural rules and criteria, aimed at quality, environment and safety.
Companies wishing to undergo certification and obtain the use of the Biogasdoneright® brand will need to have a business management system based on rules that require transcription of key processes and record of results for transparency purposes: from the biomass acquisition and use phase of the to agronomic use of the digestate.
Certification is a system whereby biogas producers can voluntarily join evaluating the impact on their business, increasing awareness of plant management and improving efficiency.
The text of the technical policies was drafted by CIB, supported by CIB Service's technical activity, while compliance with the specification will be verified from time to time by a qualified third-party body, Enama, the National Agency for Agricultural Mechanization.
Giuseppe Castiglione, Undersecretary Mipaaf with delegation to bioenergy, Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies
"I am delighted to be here today in this crucial stage of the process to valorize good practices in the biogas supply chain. The spread of renewable energy micro-generation plants, which we want to continue to support, is accompanied by the need to provide clear, correct and transparent information to the territories and communities, to other local businesses and local administrators about the aspects positive and negative, the strengths and weaknesses that are still connected to a production process. For example, the Ministry that I represent will have to verify the compliance of production processes with certain criteria necessary for the recognition of incentives and their increases. The presence of a quality certification of the production process can only be an advantage to allow, over time, a process of simplification, reduction in time and cost of control procedures for an innovative and competitive supply chain. "

Massimo Goldoni, President of Enama, National Agency for Agricultural Mechanization
"I'm proud of this certification for three reasons. For the role and work done by Enama. As chairman of FederUnacoma, representing the agricultural mechanics sector, I can only see good opportunities for the development of extra excellence: the best practices in agriculture have always affected the whole process. Finally, I am proud as emilian. This territory demonstrates once again how to develop long-term strategies. I thank Mipaaf for the great work and attention, I am grateful to CIB for its valuable collaboration and expertise. Enama can become the link for all sectors in agriculture. "
Sandro Liberatori, Director of Enama
"The safety of humans, of the environment and of the food production are the three pillars on which agricultural policies must be based: Enama has presented them to the 2011 agriculture G20 and many nations adopt the concept. The same principles are at the basis of the certification we present today. This new standard should help overcome some misinformation on the biogas sector in agriculture. Certification is based on a set of rules and processes that make sure to produce biogas in a safe, sustainable and well-accepted manner for all parties. "

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