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Training Courses Certification

We certify professional operators through training courses to act safely in the world of agricultural machinery.

With 20 years of experience in training activities, ENAMA and its senior experts can provide a specific and high quality training, for a better learning of the various operative techniques.

The ENAMA training courses have the purpose to give to professional operators a deep knowledge on the safe use of agricultural machines.

The wide training program includes modules both for operators and trainers. During all training programs, we do our best efforts to transmit useful information on the environmental and energy efficiency and the correct  management of machines, considering that a correct driving technique or an appropriate phytosanitary treatment can razionalize field operations with positive effect even on the economic side.

Safe Driving Training Courses for agricultural operators

Safe Driving Training Courses target is to offer to trainers and professional operators a correct driving technique, in order to obtain an higher safety level during the use of the machines in the field and on the road.

The training programs dedicate most time for the practical lessons on the test area and have the purpose to prepare the trainers (“trainers” as defined in the State – Regions Agreement of the 22nd of February 2012 in compliance with the art. 73 of the Italian Legislative Decree 81/2008) and the operators of tractors.

The courses are composed of specific parts to fulfill the needs of the interested farmers and to provide to their employees a specific know how on safety, energy efficiency and environmental aspects.

The technical skills, the continuous upgrade and the capacity to communicate and transmit their own experience are the primary target of the ENAMA Senior Experts.
The efficiency and professionalism of the Team are the result of an accurate selection and a continuous training process to increase the technical knowledge and the motivational aspect.

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Training for inspections and regulation of sprayers

ENAMA operates together with Regional Offices to promote training courses for technicians responsible of the inspections on sprayers and for trainers.
The NAP (National Action Plan) - as by European Directive 2009/128/CE on the sustainable use of pesticides -  requires that Member States/Regions perform inspections of the agricultural sprayers for professional use by 2016.
Thanks to the coordination of a specific interregional technical working group activated since 2005, ENAMA contributed, with the technical support of DISAFA of the Turin University, to the training of the technicians and regional trainers. Besides ENAMA has the aim to provide continuous training activity in order to offer an “added value” to farmers, making them aware on the benefits and not only of the obligations.

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Training on the safe use of agricultural machinery

Safety has always been the main aim of ENAMA activities. The Safety Certification of agricultural machines is a clear example. It is a scheme accredited by the Italian Accreditation Body (Accredia) with number 088B.

For this reason, ENAMA takes advantage of a very high skilled group of experts. A conscious use of new or used agricultural vehicles may be indispensable to safeguard the safety of the operator and people that work close to vehicles.

In this sector ENAMA proposes courses of 2 or 3 days, depending on specific needs and on the typology of machines, and the lessons are mainly performed in the field for a better practice and understanding.
Particular attention is offered on the safety of the machines in use as many of those are out of date. So, the attention is particularly focused on the upgrade of these machines in order to reduce the potential risks.
In addition, ENAMA is partner of specific initiatives dedicated to the training of young students of different level of education.

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