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VS ENAMA Certification

The voluntary VS ENAMA Certification service is available since 2005.
To date, ENAMA offers a certification service for agricultural machines structured in two different options:
  • ENAMA Certification, including both the functional and safety aspects;
  • VS ENAMA Certification, including the only safety aspect.
Any Organization or Person may require -  as a Customer (manufacturer, importer, agent or dealer of agricultural machinery) – the Certification without any kind of limitations or obstructions.

Upon request, the Customer may receive regulations for VS Certification of its interest.

The VS ENAMA Certification costs and release time are less than for the ENAMA Certification but the guarantee of compliance with specific safety regulations applicable to the product is the same.

Upon successful completion of the testing and verification it is issued to the builder "Certification VS ENAMA" as a sign of distinction and recognition of its products.
As a voluntary certification, VS ENAMA Certification supports, but not replace the CE mark, and gives to the machine an added value certified by a third party.

As a Certification Body, ENAMAServizi does not run operations in conflict of interest with the certification.

The Safeguarding Committee has the task of verifying anything necessary to ensure compliance with the ENAMA Servizi policies and to ensure that ENAMA Servizi carries out its activities in compliance with the principles of impartiality, competence, responsibility, transparency, confidentiality in addition to immediate and effective response to complaints.

The Committee consists of representatives of the entire industry, and it evaluates the policies and the principles governing the impartiality of certification and aspects that could compromise impartiality and confidence towards certification
ENAMA Certification validity is intended for 5 years or until change of relevant specifications.

As a result of certification issue, the VS mark will be available to be exhibited on the related machine.

In short, the VS ENAMA Certification  ensure the manufacturer, the dealer and the end user regarding the compliance of specific technical standards on safety as well as the greater recognition in terms of functional and constructive characteristics.

ENAMA is internationally promoting several initiatives in order to create a voluntary sectorial certification system regarding all the safety aspects of agricultural machines.
In this context, the accreditation (certificate n. 088B) of VS ENAMA Certification scheme by Accredia – the only national Accreditation Body appointed by the Italian Government that is internationally recognized -  constitutes an added value and a further recognition for the product.
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