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In October 2014 - during the official visit in China by Italian President Matteo Renzi to Chinese Premier Li Kegiang - 20 agreements were signed between Italy and China for more than 8 billion value.

Under these agreements, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the GSE (Energy Services Manager) and the Zhenjiang Economic Development and Technological District (ZEDTZ), located in Jiangsu Province.

The Memorandum of Understanding provides that GSE and ZEDTZ would work together to identify, in each country, the best companies interested in investing in the project, which include industrial initiatives in the fields of Agriculture, Energy , Healthcare, Aeronautics and the creation of the "Italian-Chinese demonstration park on sustainable innovation in agriculture".

The Park will be built on a ten-square-kilometer area in Zhenjiang Municipality, and investments have been planned for an amount that was estimated around 800 million euro, as reported in the press conference of the meeting. The Memorandum of Understanding aims to strengthen global cooperation between Italian and Chinese companies in the context of research and development of agricultural technology, including food security and renewable energy applied to the agricultural sector.

ENAMA – Italian National Agency for Agricultural Mechanization - leader for over 30 years in the agricultural and agro-mechanical sector and operative with its activities in China and other geographic areas for many years, has been involved immediately in the project by the GSE due to its expertise, with regard to the development of the agricultural and agro-industrial sector.

ENAMA has presented to the Director of ZEDTZ and his team a detailed work plan, referring to the development of:
  • Innovation and security in the field of agricultural and agro-industrial processes;
  • Provision of a quality certification system for products made in Zhenjiang.
ENAMA has applied to carry out the above described activities with its Partners, that will be involved depending on investment sector to be implemented, with the primary objective of creating opportunities and benefits for both Italian companies that want to invest in the Chinese market and Chinese companies that intend to invest in technology and innovation to improve their production processes and their products;  The aim is to offer benefits to all stakeholders.

The operational proposal provides the creation of real opportunities for Italian companies, developing a path for identifying specific areas of interest and offering assistance and support, even through the creation of specific partnerships and collaborations between Italian and Chinese companies.

The aim of ENAMA's proposal is to make Zhenjiang area fit to expectations and to set the foundations for the development of greater cooperation between the two countries, in order to create new products and new technologies in the agricultural and agro-industrial sector, with a specific interest in the Asian market.
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